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Thru the years . . . Danny, has shared the bandstand with many musical friends . . . plus conducting many promtional and advertising business meetings with associates & colleagues that have taken place nationally from the following entertainment cities. Another important opportunity during this time in his career,  he was fortunate to produce various fund raising events for Weirton Steel, Weirton, West Virginia The Hebrew Academy of Atlantic City, Joe Frazier Father's Day Festival For Children plus events for the American Cancer Society of South Jersey. Since he was an associated member of AGVA (American Guild of Variety Artists) - The cooperation from many celebrities such as Morey Amsterdam, Jack Carter, Bobby Rydell and various Soap Opera Stars were happy to attend the event.


PHILADELPHIA Video Spotlight

Philadelphia is a city of musical roots that spans more than a 100years of various types of music from opera, gospel, soul, rock, Rhythm & Blues, and especially in Jazz.

Known as "The City of Brotherly Love,” for many performers and jazz artists this place was called home for the past decades.  

Located at 18th & Arch Streets, the Musicians Union Hall – Local 77 was a meeting place for local and traveling musicians. At any given time of the week – You were able to see and meet fellow members that would be rehearsing or just visiting looking for prospective work in the area or on the road.

Being born in South Philadelphia . . . as a young man early in my career, I was fortunate to meet many talented musicians and performers that were beginning to get their recognition in the music business. 


ATLANTIC CITY Video Spotlight        

During the late 1950s thru early 1970s gave me the opportunity to spend time working various clubs in the area, meeting friends also musicians that traveled with other bands from other cities to perform at major venues in Atlantic City such as: The Famous Steel Pier, The Hialeah Club, Le Bistro Restaurant, Club Harlem and the famed 500 Club.  

 It was during the Early 1960s while I was working with “Frank Virtue & the Virtues” at the Hialeah Club on Atlantic Avenue – and sitting-in Jam Sessions with Johnny Saint and “The Joyriders” at Fort Pitt located on New York Avenue a few blocks away from 


CLUB HARLEM -  Our sets would end at 3:00am– since Club Harlem was open until the early morning hours past 6:00am . . .  it was an after-hour gathering place to visit for many celebrities and fellow musicians to enjoy.  I had the opportunity to meet Chris Columbo and shared many conversations about music and mutual friends.  Also when he was an officer at the Musicians Union – plus working in the lounge at Bally’s Park Place Casino, he was always ready to extend a helping-hand as a friend.

During the 1980’s my colleague theatrical booking agent Lew Entin in Florida contacted me and talked about a very entertaining act called “Summers & Winters” that he had been working with contracting several engagements at the Eden Roc & Fontainebleau hotels in Miami, Florida.

Within a few days, I flew to Miami and saw this entertaining vocal & comedy performance that were generating standing ovations nightly throughout each show. With the help and cooperation from my friend Entertainment Director Sam DiStefano I was fortunate to introduce and  secure future engagements at The Playboy Casino Hotel that were successful for the summer season in Atlantic City.

It was a time before 1976 when gambling was legalized in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This seashore resort was a popular vacation area for people on the east coast during the summer months of the year from May thru late September.

There were restaurants and entertainment places starting from the Inlet known northern part of town to the southern section that stretched a distance of approximately four miles.

         - From the 1950s thru the 1980s, my associates, musician friends have shared many reflective memories of the good times from the past decades which included the following:

Traveling south from the Inlet there was Captain Starn’s Restaurant popular for its seafood delicacies that were enjoyed by many residents and visiting tourists from other states that wanted to experience the ocean, beach, boardwalk, food plus the exciting nightlife entertainment throughout the city.

The 7:30 Musical Lounge was a swingin’ place that featured a house-band  playing host to many visiting musicians for a Jam Session to the early hours of  the morning.  

George Hamid’s Steel Pier featured the big bands of Jimmy Dorsey, Harry James, Benny Goodman and popular male & female vocalists. . . "

The Virtues" recording stars of “Guitar Boogie Shuffle” plus a wide variety of entertaining performers which provided enjoyment for the entire family, that would last all-day long.


In the middle of the block of Kentucky Avenue there was another place known as “Clifton’s Club Harlem” the patrons and residents called this location . . .

“Kentucky Avenue & the Curb – Happiness Avenue” this was a place that usually had two alternating bands (Willis Jackson & Chris Columbo) on stage at the front room and a stage show in the back that featured top names in the recording field which also featured Larry Steele’s Smart Affairs Sepia Revue, this was a chorus line under the direction of Larry Steele.

  On a regular basis, the weekend 6:00am "Breakfast Show" the glamorous Sepia Revue would be featured as the opening act for the major recording artist or comedy headliners that included comedians Slappy White, George Kirby, Belle Barth, & Redd Foxx and many others who were contracted to perform for the attracted "Standing Room Only audiences."   

Pacific & Arkansas Avenues was the location known as “The Four Corners” there was a musical-bar lounge on each corner that featured small combos and entertaining show-groups plus improvised jam sessions that welcomed visiting other musicians from the area, the crowds & patrons standing on the sidewalk and surrounding areas enjoyed this “Jazz Open House”.


The Hialeah Club on Atlantic & Michigan Avenues would feature Arthur Prysock and others.  A short walking distance on Pacific & Missouri Avenue the Le Bistro featured Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie and his Orchestra, plus other top vocalists with M.C. Don Phillips.

Next door on Missouri Avenue there was “The 500 Club” owned by my friend Paul “Skinny” D’Amato. 
This was the place where the comedy team of Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis got there first break in show business. The 500 CLUB was also the place that hosted engagement appearances by various celebrities and film stars including Jayne Mansfield, Mickey Rooney, George Raft, Jackie Gleason and many others.


Incidentally, the parking lot for Trump Plaza on Missouri Avenue is the location where “The Le Bistro and “The 500 Club” once stood. As I look back there are various memories that come to mind . . . the expanded property where Caesars Hotel & Casino now stands used to be the Howard Johnson’s Restaurant and Hotel, where the annual fund raising "March of Dimes Telethon"  was always held.  

The Four Corners are no longer there because of the large re-building take-over by the Caesars’ Corporation is now their parking facility for customers.

The historical Chalfont-Haddon Hall Hotel located on North Carolina & Pacific Avenues was the popular place that in 1928 hosted many celebrations for political leaders and the Upper Class that house 1000 combined guest rooms.

When gambling in Atlantic City was legalized in 1976, the Chalfonte-Haddon Hall Hotel was purchased by Resorts International Inc. whch is now located on the same property.

After the "JOYRIDERS" recorded their hit single of "After You've Gone"  ...which gave this entertaining lounge show-group with a Fan Club of more than 800 members a permanent summer position for 5 years at this nightclub hotspot - FORT PITT - located at Boardwalk & New York Avenue.  Throughout this time, during the early 1960s, in Atlantic City, it was possible to see and greet entertainers & celebrities on the street while spending enjoyable times with friends and family strolling on the boardwalk in the summer night’s breeze.



On a personal note: I recall a casual conversation that I had with Bert Parks, former emcee of "The Miss America Pageant" in the early ‘70s before the gambling law was passed he said “ If it wasn’t for the beach, Frank Sinatra and the contributions from Paul ’Skinny’ D’Amato and his 500 Club, Atlantic City would be a ghost town. That’s a fact!”

NEW ORLEANS Video Spotlight

“Party-Tyme all the Tyme!” has been a long-time tradition of the Crescent City. The most popular neighborhood in New Orleans is the French Quarter, or the Vieux Carré ("Old Square" in French) which is a section of town that spans an area of approximately thirteen by six city blocks.


 Before the gambling referendum was passed in the mid-1990s – While I was living in an apartment at French Market Place I was awarded the opportunity to design a poster to be distributed for a local charity organization. The living quarters made the business on hand convenient to recruit talented musicians, entertainers, and performers for future bookings in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.



FLORIDA Video Spotlight

 During the mid-1960s we played The Roosevelt Hotel in Jacksonville,Fl  &  The Sheiks Lounge in Orlando, 

these engagements were attained by the Lew Entin Theatrical agency Lew Entin Spotlightand Arthur Phillips agency of Philadelphia,  Lew wasn’t a musician but his experience working as a Song-Plugger for the Mills Music Publishing Co. of New York gave him the opportunity to work with Billy Eckstine, Terry Gibbs, Illinois Jacquet and vocalist Herb Jefferies, Artur Prysock and many others.  My longtime friendly relationship with Lew Entin gave us both the opportunity to secure engagements for various performers in Florida, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City. 


LAS VEGAS Video Spotlight

  The early days of Las Vegas during the’50s & ‘60s, Highway #91 now known as “The Strip” there was only a few casinos The Dunes, the Sands, Desert Inn, & the Flamingo. Freemont Street which is located downtown had lounge acts that where playing around the clock for entertainment.

Many of my local musician friends from the South Philadelphia area had the opportunity of working at the Freemont Hotel, The Mint and other establishments downtown. The number of entertaining show-groups that came from Philadelphia area also recorded regional and national hits that were on the Billboard Charts.


Just to name a few, there was Steve Gibson & the Redcaps featuring Damita Jo & Jay Price, The Treniers, Joe Bruce & the Steppers, The Playboys,The Tyrones, Al Antonio & The Riotmen, Jody & the Misfits, The Daye Brothers, The Frank Moore Four, The High Hopes, Stanley Gaines & the Hurricanes, Bill Haley & the Comets, Billy Duke and his Dukes plus a local friend from the South Philadelphia area (Ferdinando Dominick Bello) aka: Freddie Bell & The Bellboys film & recording stars of "Giddy-Up-a-Ding Dong" and rated top lounge act at the Sands Casino, Las Vegas for more than 20years during the the early days of "The Rat Pack" from 1950s thru 1980s. 

 Play - "Alright-Okay-You Win"


Chris FioRito, was known as the "Entertainment King" of the Las Vegas Strip during '60s & '70s  . . . his friendship, experience and help, always made things easier.  

During this time  "The Frank Moore Four" were also the alternating lounge act house-band at the Sands Casino during the “Rat Pack” days opened  other doors to entertainment venues in Nevada.   

Chris also cleared his work in Las Vegas to perform for his longtime friend Tony Torcasio on September 30, 1991 "The Galaxy Of Stars" which was held at the famed South Philadelphia Palumbo's Cafe Restaurant - when A Testimonial Tribute Dinner was held in honor of Tony Torcasio for his philantropic contributions to NADA (National Association for Disabled Athletes) this event was hosted by Comedian Pat Cooper plus other celebrities and a surprise guest "The Yankee Clipper" Joe DiMaggio.