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JAZZ . . .Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow! The Musicians, Times, and Places
Written by Danny Luciano  -  Published by DIANE Publishing Co.
Copyright  1998 DIANE Publishing Co.   ISBN: 0-7881 2711


The 300 pages of this book are not only interesting and informative but entertaining as well. It features a Century of Jazz covering many various jazz musicians and vocalists that have reigned during the decades of Jazz.

Included are many sidemen who have lived in obscurity, the Jazz Capitols of the USA music, locales & musicians of the Delaware Valley of Pennsylvania when that area was a hotbed of jazz clubs and dance hall venues.

JAZZ GAZETTE - News items of 100 Years in Jazz. Many important and fascinating facts and trivia are included. In addition, personal essays of many experiences of the author Danny Luciano during his more than 60 years as a musician, and performer on the East and West Coasts and all points in-between.



Highlights from Chapter 1                    Highlights from Chapter 2                   Highlights from Chapter 3    


 Highlights from Chapter 4                    Highlights from Chapter 5                   Highlights from Chapter 6   


 Highlights from Chapter 7                    Highlights from Chapter 8                   Highlights from Chapter 9   


 Highlights from Chapter 10                    Highlights from Chapter 11                   Highlights from Chapter 12   


                  Highlights from Chapter 13