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" Danny's Corner" - PHOTOGRAPHY:

In the past . . . while traveling to many locations throughout the USA as a musician and on business trips. The opportunity to explore my talents as a part-time photographer of amateur status was to snap various outdoor picture moments, which remain special and unique to my archive portfolio. The picture collections are basic shots of sunsets, weather conditions, cloud formations, and many interesting outdoor scenery locations.

Please note: Some of these earlier snap-shots were taken with inexpensive cameras that included Kodak 110 Instamatic, Kodak 35mm, Polaroid 430 Land Camera. Soon to be posted will be a new HD collection of Nikon photos.    

The purpose of taking these snap-shots was to have a memorable collection of moments in time for future enjoyment. These cameras were the only ones available at the time of shooting.  As a hobby, my interest has always been content and composition of a picture with no clarification of any technical ability to my credit.

 I have received many requests from visitors and friends to share some of the snap-shots via our website.  Therefore, with that in mind, I would like to include some of these snap-shots at various times within “Danny’s Corner” on future Blog-Posts for your enjoyment as well.  Within the near future, there are plans to release a Table-Top booklet of our photo collection to be shared.  Thanks, Danny


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