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JAZZ is truly an “American Art Form." The intention of and their affiliates is to keep Mainstream Jazz Alive. Sit back and relax… enjoy the journey as you visit our website. "Mainstream JAZZ" also known as "Straight Ahead JAZZ" . . .was the influence and style of saxophonists 

Gene Ammons, Illinois Jacquet, & Red Prysock that has inspired and played a major part in Danny Luciano's career as a musician in developing his own unique creative style playing the tenor saxophone.

At present being semi-retired, most of my time is devoted to creating and consulting for various independent marketing and advertising projects for businesses in the tri-state area of Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware.

I am also involved with a small group of retired musicians, entertainers, producers and technical computer analysts who have a passion and appreciation for good music & entertainment that include Jazz, Rhythm &  Blues to Popular music.  We all understand the fact, the future of music especially JAZZ our American Art can be a grim situation unless we recognize The “Ladies & Gentlemen of Jazz” from past decades.                                            

Throughout the development of our Websites and sponsorships we will be creating a needed platform venue to be enjoyed by young people who are breaking into the music & entertainment field plus the over 50+ club that will have some nostalgic memories of their lifetime experiences.