Mr. Nick's Jazz Corner - Series #1 - Featuring Danny Luciano
Saturday, July 14, 2018 at 5:20 AM
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While searching through many files within Danny’s Archives, we discovered our library videos of

"Mr. Nick’s Jazz Corner Entertainment Series"

containing favorite music renditions from our friends & colleagues -

In addition too "The Ladies & Gentlemen Of JAZZ"

<*> Please Note: We have many request from visitors

to feature this new series of videos in the coming weeks.


. . . Is a small neighborhood place that has a vast eclectic "Treasure Chest" collection of music from Jazz, Big Bands, Swing, Rhythm & Blues plus the inevitable foot-tapping sounds that feature many talented musicians that have contributed a big part as leaders and sidemen for many big bands, small combos, lounge acts who have toured the country for the past decades.

These musicians have given us the taste from cool to hot and the warmth some ballads that will remain as Memorable Moments of Music with our hearts.

Recorded 1962©dannyluciano-All rights reserved

But Beautiful”

has been a favorite standard song of many Jazz Musicians and Pop Vocalists for many generations. This expressive 1962 instrumental version was recorded by Danny luciano.

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