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During the late 1960s, I had the opportunity to have a friendly meeting with Herman Baron while he was the acting General Processing Manager for The Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) – that was located in Philadelphia.  ISI was a leading international company known for the publication and distribution of scientific journals worldwide. 

Dr. Eugene Garfield 
Dr. Eugene Garfield PhD. is an American Scientist also the owner and founder of the company. While being casually acquainted with both men, we would have various conversations about entertainment, popular music and especially Jazz. Dr. Garfield played alto saxophone and on many occasions, we often discussed music theory and Jazz artists.
The interests in mainstream, straight-ahead jazz, rhythm ‘n blues always prevailed in our conversations. He would also mention that during his frequent worldwide business meetings, which included France, he had the opportunity to visit the Selmer Saxophone Company to purchase various instruments for his collection.
Herman BaronHerman Baron, with his business credentials and publishing experience is President and owner of DIANE Publishing Company, which is a leading publisher and distributor of a carefully selection of U.S. Government reports. For over 20 years, DIANE Publishing Company also has made available many important documents, reports from the U.S. Government plus a wide variety and out-of print book titles on many topics. His interests in many styles of music plus the many conversations in the past with Dr. Garfield, especially about the topic of Jazz always prevailed.
Upon the return from a trip to Miami Florida, it was during the late 1990s; Herman approached me as a friend to author a book “Jazz Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” to express my many experiences on the road as a musician plus promotion, recording, event production and meetings with associated colleagues that spans a career more than 50 years. This book is available at a 30% Discount with PROMO CODE: "jazz30".
The 300 pages of this book “Jazz Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” are not only interesting and informative but entertaining as well. It features a Century of Jazz covering many various jazz musicians and vocalists that have reigned during the decades of Jazz. Included are many sidemen who have lived in obscurity, the Jazz Capitols of the USA music, venues, locales & musicians of the Delaware Valley of Pennsylvania when that area was a hotbed of jazz clubs and dance hall venues, plus News items, featuring interesting facts and trivia are included.
In addition, personal essays of many experiences of the author during his more than 50 years as a musician, and performer on the East and West Coasts and all points in-between. 
Post Script: With more than 55 years of experience as a tenor saxophonist has given me the opportunity to express my viewpoints on the meaning of Mainstream Jazz -Straight Ahead Jazz and the meaning of “Playing in the Pocket”                  in other words . . .
“It Don’t Mean A Thing . . . If It Ain’t Got That Swing!”



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Reader Comments (2)

Thank you, Danny, for sharing your experiences in music and for posting videos and photos of Joe Fortunato and Ray Fern. They were mentors for young tenor players like myself and John Simon when we were learning to play. I sat in with Joe many times at the Balligo Inn and had to learn on the fly in the heat of a "tenor battle". They were great times. My theme song today would be "Things Ain't What They Used To Be" because of the sudden decline of live music in the marketplace today. You truly were part of what I call the "Golden Age" of music and I was fortunate to be able to experience the tail end of a great era in music. I really miss those times when there was a live band in every bar and restaurant and I was able to go out and play my horn every night of the week. Your work here has helped me relive those wonderful times and to remember the people I enjoyed playing with so much. Thank you!

Wendell Hobbs
December 23, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterWendell Hobbs
Wendell, Thanks for the visit to the website. Joe always spoke highly of you. Unfortunately as you mentioned "Things Ain't What They Used To Be" and many of my friends & guys have permanently left the bandstand for good. I'm just trying to express in a small way; some of my experiences too spread the word of the "Good Times" in music. Ray Fern's brother Sonny was also an excellent player who died at an early age. Hope you have a good Holiday. Stay well and take care. Danny
December 26, 2013 | Registered CommenterDanny Luciano

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