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"Jazz On The South Side" - Lorraine J. Yarborough 

In the summer months of 2008, I had the opportunity of meeting Lorraine J. Yarborough Executive Director of “JOTSS” – Jazz On The South Side. This organization was started as a non-profit Scholarship Foundation committed to support Jazz and Cultural Arts students in the Philadelphia area. 

She asked for help and my assistance for promotional ideas in order to pursue the proposed idea to the next level. At various meetings we discussed numerous ways of making this proposition a success for the Jazz students within the area. With the cooperation of my friend Steve Romano plus other colleagues and associates, we were able to initiate and collaborate with various senior Jazz musicians within the Philadelphia area to showcase younger jazz students from neighboring schools in the area. 

We produced Jazz concerts that took place at SJNP a chapel setting at St. John Neumann Senior Residence. The response from the attending audience from the first production generated interviews with local newspapers plus radio interviews with Lorraine talking with Bob Perkins at WRTI –FM Jazz station at Temple University.




The media exposure plus the radio interviews generated much interest from local sponsorship that we continued the shows monthly to the end of the year.

Currently, Lorraine and her staff have been consulting on various projects within “The Avenue Of The Arts” section of Broad Street in Philadelphia, plus other areas in the Tri-State vicinity to help enhance the future of “Jazz and the Cultural Arts.”

Jazz On The South Side

A Jazz and Cultural Arts Initiative, was the brainchild of Lorraine J. Yarborough, Management Consultant. After attending Jazz Vespers and Philadelphia’s most notable musical venues, where accomplished and well known Jazz artists were featured. The venues helped  Lorraine to accelerate the efforts for establishing an organization that would help keep Mainstream Jazz Alive.

The “JOTSS” Mission is to collectively “Pass the Baton” bridging the gap from the old to the new through the venue of Jazz and the Arts. Our ulterior motive is to help keep “Mainstream Jazz and the Cultural Arts” alive.


by Lorraine

In the summer months of 2008, I approached Danny Luciano and his colleague Steve Romano for assistance in promotional ideas to take “Jazz On The South Side” to another level.  With their cooperation we were able to produce jazz shows, promotional ideas, posters, radio and media interviews which helped contribute to our success.  They have created a website that enhances international visibility for jazz musicians around the world.  This strong collaboration of Steve’s IT background and Danny’s many year’s in the music industry has allowed this unique website to be respected by jazz musicians and the general public.   

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