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Includes a brief video profile of Danny Luciano’s personal journey of experiences and many associates that played a major part in his career as a Musician, Promoter, Agent & Author . . . which spans a period more than 50 years from the mid -1950's thru 2000's in Show Business & Jazz.


Danny Luciano’s - personal journey of experiences includes a brief video profile of many associates that played a major part in his career as a Musician, Promoter, Agent & Author . . . which spans a period more than 50 years from the mid 1950’s thru 2000's in Show Business, Entertainment & Jazz.



DANNY LUCIANO - "On The Road" 


The production and promotions of many concerts and shows in the past have been pleasurable for all concerned. The many innovative talented jazz musicians and performers that I have been fortunate to meet and work with in the past, has given me the opportunity to expand this knowledge and creativity to a higher level with many other professionals so that I could Contribute my part of an interesting career in helping Younger jazz musicians to enjoy the good and bad times, The glad and sad times, while they travel the long journey To attaining success in a rough and tough business.




Throughout the years since the 1980s, Larry Bennett manager & agent, Guy Galante television producer director and myself have shared many enjoyable experiences as working colleagues and friends. We produced various concerts and outdoor festivals plus “The Big Band Explosion” a July 4, 1985 celebration that featured The Count Basie Orchestra under the direction of Thad Jones – and Maynard Ferguson & his Band that performed for a sellout-crowd at the Wildwood Convention Center, Wildwood, NJ.



My friend and Colleague Guy Galante . . .Narrated this video production of the above Part 1 & Part 2 chronicles which gives a brief synopsis of the JAZZ Capitols from the past decades.

As my written documentation in “Jazz – Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow” . . . takes a walk down the corridors of Jazz that include California, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas     . . . sit back and enjoy!



 “Mr. Nick's Jazz Corner . . . is a congenial and friendly establishment of eclectic archived memorabilia plus a variety of international musical information & material, attained by my colleagues and friends at IEA – International Entertainment Associates from Europe through the years. This collection reserves a special place within our “Memorable Moments in Music.”